Myrhyff [1] of Undvik is the Ice Giant that Geralt of Rivia meets during The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He is a huge monster, who reigns the landmark of, since his arrival abandoned Undvik. The Ice giant fashions himself a basic protective armor made using the remains of shipwrecks.[2]

Geralt is asked by a jarl Crach of Clan an Craite to find his son Hjalmar who had earlier left on a personal quest to find and kill the creature. For this, the witcher crosses the sea, and employs himself with Witcher Senses to track young an Craite and his friends.

The trail leads Geralt to the cave of an Ice giant where one of Hjalmar's crew, Vigi known as the Loon, is being held captive. Geralt must decide whether or not to kill the giant in his sleep, or fight him "honorable way".

Associated Quest


  • If you are interested in how to defeat creature than see combat tactics.


  • Drawing from Norse mythology, there is a more subtle wink to the story of Ragnarok found in the Poetic Edda, shown in the ice giant Myrhyff, who can be found on the island of Undvik building a gigantic longship. Planning to sail his creation to meet the gods in battle at some unknown destination, Myrhyff is a clear homage to the character of Hrym: a jötunn who supposedly serves as the captain of the Naglfar en route to Ragnarök.



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