Myron was a master apothecary and merchant in the employ of the Kaedwenian Army who could be found in the hospital tent west of the Kaedweni camp canteen. In free time, he was a dice poker player.

He liked to jest, as evidenced in Geralt of Rivia's first meeting with him. Master Myron was also interested in the Wild Hunt. After finding the Wild Hunt investigator's notes in the catacombs and asking Sheala de Tancarville about it, Geralt might have discussed it with him and summarize his findings.

His wares included the formula for Gadwall potion.

Journal Entry

Stiff as a halberd, the apothecary Myron ran the field hospital and sold alchemical ingredients on the side.


  • He might be a reference to Myron, a character in Fallout 2 who also dabble in chemistry.
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