Natanis[1] was a blonde-haired succubus living in Beauclair, the capital city of Toussaint. She dated both Baron Palmerin de Launfal and Regis, among many other men in the area.

Biography Edit

Duchess' contract Edit

When Geralt arrived in duchy for the first time, he was asked by Anna Henrietta to get rid of the succubus who, according to her and many other court Ladies, was bothering their virtuous husbands. They assured the witcher that he shall be rewarded appropriately.[2]

Later on, Geralt met Baron Palmerin de Launfal who asked him the exact opposite, stating that the succubus doesn't hurt anyone, appears in dreams from time to time and is interested only in mature men. He also wished that this be kept between them and to not say anything to Her Grace or the other noblewomen. They agreed that Geralt will ignore the matter for a sum of coins transferred to his account in Cianfanelli Bank, exceeding the one promised by the women and that will "amaze him with munificence", though Geralt warned him that he is "not easy to amaze".[2]

Regis romanced with the very same succubus that Geralt agreed not to kill, while he, the witcher and their Hansa were in the capital of the duchy. Due to higher vampire's romance and thanks to focusing her attention on himself during their stay, it was Geralt to whom the disposal of the "monster" was attributed. Thus, he was paid by both the glad wives whose woe was temporarily over and the happy husbands who knew that in the end the harmless temptress was never hurt.[2]

Later life Edit

By the time of The Beast's killings, she is still in a relationship with Palmerin calling him "Dearest Tubbynubs", sending letters and meeting with him.[1]

References Edit

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