Nehalenia or Nehaleni is goddess of various aspects of luck and fate, thus including divinations, sooth, dreams and journey. People tend to call her when they are about to set out on the road (or are ambushed by bandits while already on the road), are afraid of bad dreams, when they wish to reveal – or conceal – something.

While her temples and priests are rather rare, many larger cities have shrines devoted to her, where people lit the candles and offer her pebbles from the road. She is generated mostly by journeymen, as well as by various farseers, spin doctors and fortune-tellers – either true, either fabricators or these between.

Associated artefacts


  • She is likely a reference to Nehalennia, a Germanic and/or Celtic goddess associated with fog and concealment (from Indo-Germanic nebh damp weather, moisture and hel to hide, to conceal).


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