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"This is my story, not yours. You must let me finish telling it."
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Nettly (Polish: Pokrzywka), was a peasant from Lower Posada in Dol Blathanna who'd been visiting Upper Posada when Geralt and Dandelion were the area, looking for work. When it became clear there was no work for the witcher there, the two left and Nettly hurried after them on the road, as back in Lower Posada they were dealing with a "deovel" and could use the witcher's help in the matter.


  • In the original Polish, the character is called "Pokrzywka", which translates to Urticaria or hives. So it would seem that the original name focused more on the character's appearance, whereas translations focused more on the cause of the hives.
  • In The Hexer TV series, he appears in episode 7, "Dolina Kwiatów".
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