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Nigredo is an additional, or secondary substance, which is present in some alchemical ingredients in addition to the primary substance. All alchemical ingredients contain one of six basic substances: aether, hydragenum, quebrith, rebis, vermilion, and vitriol. There are also three additional substances: albedo, nigredo, and rubedo. Any given ingredient may contain only a single basic substance and potentially one additional, or secondary substance.

Journal potionNigredo potions: If all ingredients used to create a given potion contain nigredo as an additional substance, the resulting potion will positively affect Geralt's coordination and focus, increasing his chances of hitting opponents and giving him a + 20% damage advantage for 4 hours.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Unlike previous games, Nigredo is not simply part of other alchemical ingredients, it must be crafted.

Needed to craft:


  • In alchemy, the nigredo means "putrefaction" or "decomposition" of the matter, and is the first step Magnum opus process.
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