Nikefor Muus was a magistrate official involved in the theft of Geralt's swords.


Geralt met him for the first time when the security guard Tarp stopped Nikefor from entering the Natura Rerum austerity, having been banned from entering. Later on, he worked with Antea Derris to put Geralt's swords on auction at the Borsody Auction House and took his share of the proceeds from the sale in cash, without realizing Yennefer had cast a spell on it. When Nikefor returned to Kerack, he visited the Natura Rerum inn, boasting of his ill-gotten wealth. However, as he went to pay, the coins turned into excrement as he tossed them onto the table, causing quite a scene. Outraged at this, Febus Ravenga ordered Tarp to throw Nikefor into the septic tank.

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