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A trio of non-human mercenaries, dwarves, fighting human soldiers

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As is known, the human race is no match for the non-human races in terms of many physical, psychological and psychomagical traits.
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- Fragment of Biruta Icarti's note to Narses de la Roche, Season of Storms

Nonhuman, or the neutral yet polysemantic humanoid, are terms referring to cultured races similar to humans in outward appearance. Although the nonhumans had conflicts with one another, they mostly found their place on the Elder Races-dominated Continent[1] until being pushed into ravines, high mountains, and primeval forests by burgeoning mankind. Some, like werebbubbs, had almost gone extinct as a result.[2]

Despite virtually every Nordling having a dash of Aen Seidhe blood in their veins by 1267, xenophobia towards nonhumans stood behind many wars, pogroms, and general tension.[1] For example, knights born as both illegitimate and from human-nonhuman unions were entitled to heraldry but couldn't be considered "true nobles" and were prohibited from crossing city gates after dusk.[3] The picky saw even a quarter-elf as inferior.

The humanoid label is also used by the witchers for enemies with composition akin to humans,[1] though they technically aren't monsters just as animal beasts. Classification gets murkier in ogroids[4] such as trolls, who evolved from deadly monsters into semi-intelligent, helpful neighbors due to contact with sapient races.[3]

Nonhuman races[]

For all the sentient races, not just those called "nonhuman" or "humanoid", see Race.