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The Northern Wars, also known as the Nilfgaardian Wars, were a series of wars fought between the southern Nilfgaardian Empire and coalitions of Northern Kingdoms in the 13th century, where Nilfgaard expanded across the Continent, absorbing around sixteen other countries and forming an Empire. The Empire's inhabitants refer to the conflicts as the Nordling Wars, whereas that term is rarely used in the North, where they are known as the Nilfgaard Wars.

The wars technically began with Nilfgaard's absorption of Ymlac and Rowan, two smaller kingdoms, but most historians point to the year 1239, when Nilfgaard, under the command of the Usurper, marched into Ebbing and initiated the Nilfgaardian foray into the North.

The First Nilfgaardian War began in 1263 with the invasion of Cintra, sparking a mobilization of the armies of the Northern Kingdoms which pushed back Nilfgaard. In 1267 Nilfgaardian subterfuge pushed the leaders of the Northern Kingdoms to secretly instigate the Second Nilfgaardian War, in hopes of catching Nilfgaard before they were prepared. This plan backfired, and Nilfgaard conquered much of the North before another combined effort from Northern monarchs pushed the Empire back, concluding the war in 1268 with the signing of a major peace settlement.

Nilfgaard's conquests in the South[]

Decades prior to the First Northern War, the Nilfgaardian Empire, under the command of the Usurper, began expanding northward through military incursions and political maneuvers, taking the regions of Ebbing, Maecht, Metinna, and Nazair.

  • 1239 - the annexation of Ebbing (a precipitating event)


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