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The Northern Wars were a series of wars fought between the southern Nilfgaardian Empire and coalitions of Northern Kingdoms in the 13th century. Nilfgaard's foray into the North began with the annexation of minor kingdoms in 1239. By invading the Kingdom of Cintra during 1263, it sparked a mobilization of Northern forces in response, resulting in the First Northern War. As a consequence of the Empire's continued incursions, the Second Northern War broke out in 1267, concluding the next year with the signing of a major peace settlement.

The Empire's inhabitants refer to the conflicts as the Nordling Wars, whereas that term is rarely used in the North, where they are known as the Nilfgaard Wars.

Nilfgaard's conquests in the South Edit

Decades prior to the First Northern War, the Nilfgaardian Empire, under the command of the Usurper, began expanding northward through military incursions and political maneuvers, taking the regions of Ebbing, Maecht, Metinna and Nazair.

  • 1239 - the annexation of Ebbing (a precipitating event)

Wars Edit

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