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If Geralt chose the Witcher / Neutral path, he meets two nurses upon climbing down from the ramparts of Old Vizima after having fought his way from the Dike where he arrived. They are trying to reach the field hospital which has been setup by Shani, but can not make it unescorted through the fighting in the streets. They need the witcher's help.

Witcher medallionNote: This entry is only possible to obtain by choosing the Witcher / Neutral path in the game.

Their romance card is available if you return to the Field hospital after escorting Shani to the Druids' cave in the Swamp cemetery. The front door will be locked after escorting Shani, so you'll have to use the other door. They're usually upstairs.

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Some women feel compelled to care for others, bring them relief from their suffering. They become nurses, priestesses and medics, treating the sick and wounded, providing comfort and hope to those in need.

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