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Spoilers from the books and/or adaptations to follow!
Template:Character infoboxNycklar was the son the coffinmaker in Jealousy. He witnessed the battle between Leo Bonhart and the Rats, after which Bonhart hired him to deliver some important letters to Esterhazy, a armorer in the city ot Fano and to his cousin Houvenaghel in Claremont. Once he had delivered all the letters, Bonhart gave him 5 florens and a horse who belonged to the Rats. Instead of returning home however, Nyclar went to Malhoun and started spending his money in drinks and telling everyone of what happened in Jealousy. Stefan Skellen, the Imperial Coroner of the Nilfgaardian Empire, who was indeed looking for Bonhart, sent some members of his unit to capture Nyclar and bringing him to Rocayne in order to interogate him. After the interrogation, Stefan Skellen released him and sent some of his men to Claremont and to Fano to investigate on the letters of the bounty hunter.[1]

Nycklar then testified at Stefan Skellen's trial in The High Tribunal of the Eternal Empire in the city of Nilfgaard. Later, he and his mother gave the Rats a decent burial.[2]


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