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There are many occupations or jobs throughout the Witcher universe.


For the main article, see Ambassador.

An ambassador is an official envoy, usually a high ranking diplomat, who usually travels to foreign lands to act as a representative of their country. Some carry the power to make decisions for their ruler while others are more of an honorary figure, a sign of good will between the two countries.


For the main article, see Barber.

A barber is one who stylizes hair. Generally, this term is meant for one who cuts and shaves men. One who cuts and stylizes women's hair is usually known as a hairdresser.

Bard / Skald

For the main article, see Bard.

A bard (Skald in Skellige) is a musician who plays, sings, and entertains people. They're also known as troubadours (male) and trobairitz (female).


Pellar is a type of medic and shaman who uses both traditional healing as well as magical rituals to heal and protect people. On top of that they generally partake in local rituals and can help call forth ghosts.


For the main article, see Prostitute.

A prostitute is a male or female who partakes in sexual favors for money. It has a varied reputation throughout the Continent, with some brothels gaining a famous reputation while some groups try to outlaw it, but it still flourishes regardless of this.


For the main article, see Witcher.

A witcher is a highly trained person who's been taught how to kill the monsters that plague the world. To further help them in their task they're subjugated to mutations when they're young to make them stronger and faster than normal people.

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