Ofiri runes

Ofiri script

The Ofiri tongue is the official language spoken in the lands of Ofir.


Ofiri tongue English
Aibnat daughter
alevin of the flame
Djinniah Djinn/Genie
Eghullath captain
Elkhahl quiet, silence, shut up
Hallavath ?
Hatun sorceress, woman in power
Malliq king
Phakbarthojl albatross
Revhaghr revenge, vengeance
Sokhan dog, beast


Ofiri tongue English
Abrah'va makan? Saar vass'ayah malliq! -Unknown-? Take them before the malliq (likely)
Aibnat alevin Daughter of the flame (Djinn)
Alvay daingean! ?
Elkhahl, sokhan. Ghalaveth kharh u albahta a'ghell. Quiet, dog. You killed our prince and you'll pay for that.
Ghadarash ajl vuht! ?
Ghalave kharh? ?
Ghyle'am vallarh, quar verrethe ner. Were it up to me, you'd be dead already.
Haval shaar? ?
Ilha esthi surlaar vathgher, miyarni. ?
Inhkal avr ikhell urgherevng aul vihter. You'll be hanged in two weeks.
Insh'avahl kho llayath. We'll see who's in the mood for jokes, then.
Kh'ris an derssen. ?
Revhaghr ner'am ea kharher, Annar. Dhorgatte ye'allami. Vengeance is not ours to reap, Annar. It's the king's. We swore on our honor.
Sul'ah aramaz! ?
Vhajlth alle'khe uhl eghullath. Take me to your captain.


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