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While they aren't featured in the games, Ogres are mentioned in the books. They seem to be big, brutish humanoids, praised for their brawn but not their intelligence. They seem to be the archetype that the monster category of ogroids is based upon. They appear to have prominent tusks, as several half-ogre hybrid creatures feature these.

Season of Storms Edit

The main antagonist of Season of Storms, Sorel Degerlund has two bodyguards, Bue and Bang, that are magical hybrids of troll and ogre. These hybrids are some 7 feet tall but have very broad shoulders and short legs. Their arms are said to hang down to knees when standing and their fists are said to be the size of melons. They also have prominent, protruding teeth, like a boar's.

Also Pyral Pratt, crime lord of Ravelin, has a hybrid bodyguard that is half dwarf-half ogre. This hybrid seems to have a similar physique, though the head part is more like a dwarf. He also has tusks though.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Edit

During secondary quest Following the Thread, Lambert retells to Geralt how he and his best friend Aiden were hired to deal with the Ogre of Ellander. Lambert had been hired to lift a curse from the ogre, and Aiden, to kill it. Things worked out badly when the ogre killed Lambert's patron, prompting the two witchers to join forces, killing the ogre and splitting the reward evenly.

Trivia Edit

  • We also learn that hybrid between troll/dwarf and ogre are not naturally possible as the genetic makeup of the two species is too different, but that magic can make it possible. This type of magic is forbidden, however.
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