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Oko Yrrhedesa (English: The Eye of Yrrhedes) is a Polish pen-and-paper role-playing game written by Andrzej Sapkowski.

Back cover description[]

Another face of Andrzej Sapkowski, Polish Grand Master of Fantasy!
This time, the creator of unforgettable story of the witcher, Geralt of Rivia, proposes a somewhat different vision of fairy-tale world – a vision that you yourself can create with him. You have the opportunity to participate in the eternal struggle between good and evil, departure to meet the unique adventures, and finally, to break away for a moment from the grim reality that surrounds us.
'The Eye of Yrrhedes' is a fictional game designed for those who so far have had no contact with this type of entertainment. Role-playing game is a combination of theater, happenings and literature. The players act as great characters and take part in adventures in imaginary lands. Leader of the game (called the Game Master) is constantly creating reality, and the participants decide on their actions. This is a game of imagination.
The principle of 'The Eye of Yrrhedes' have been designed so that players can acquire them in an easy and enjoyable way, without examining the hundreds of tables and complicated rules. In the over three hundred pages of the book, there are complete rules, list of powerful spells, two adventures, and plenty of tips for players and Game Master. We hope that the 'The Eye of Yrrhedes' will ensure you have fun on many evenings.

Table of contents[]

  1. Prelude
  2. Chapter one: To first-timers
  3. Chapter two: The Magic
  4. Chapter three: The Manual of the Game Master
  5. Supplement (written by Jacek Brzezinski and Andrzej Miszkurka)
  6. The Eye of Yrrhedes scenario – Adventurers infiltrate tunnels beneath the former temple of evil god Yrrhedes to find and destroy the ancient artifact called "the Eye of Yrrhedes".
  7. Yarra: the River of Death scenario – Adventurers are hired to explore an uncharted river called Yarra.
  8. Definitions – a short dictionary


The descriptions of game elements, as well as the two scenarios, depict a fantasy world very similar to that of The Witcher, but without an official confirmation. The game contains however some direct mentions to The Witcher lore, like in case of amulets of Visenna and Yennefer which attributes are described in chapter two. The Supplement written by co-editors provides also a description of the red dragon Ocvist.

If indeed the Empire described in game was meant to be a part of the Continent, it must have existed long before the Northern Wars when the monsters were abundant and the adjacent areas were still unexplored.