Olcan is a secondary character in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. He seems to serve the deities Kreve, Freya and Melitele.

He is killed by King Henselt during the preamble to Chapter II when a fight between the Kaedwenis and Aedirnians breaks out. He tries to stop the bloodshed but Henselt, blinded by rage, viciously slams him into a large stone obelisk, killing him. His death unleashes a series of strange happenings, including an eclipse. Later we learn that it has unleashed the full power of Sabrina's curse.

Also he is the one responsible for Saskia's poisoning.

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Olcan, the priest from Prince Stennis' retinue, turned out to be directly responsible for the poisoning of Saskia. The clergyman apparently thought that a heavy dose of thaumador would be more effective than prayer or excommunication. Unfortunately, because he was already dead, he could not answer for his deed.

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