On Thin Ice is a main quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.


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Journal entry

Every story, even the longest epic, must end, and so this one too now nears its conclusion. Geralt and his friends had acquired the Sunstone and secured the help of Fringilla Vigo. In other words, the long and dangerous process of preparing was over at last and everything was in place for the final battle against the Wild Hunt. All that remained was to summon the Naglfar to the shores of Undvik - and straight into their trap.
Every plan looks best on paper. It was no different this time - though every last detail had been seen to, our heroes were still in for many an unexpected danger and difficult moment. Their division of elite Nilfgaardian soldiers was frozen in ice before it could board the Naglfar. Ciri, who was supposed to stay out of the fighting, was forced into the fray to save Geralt. Meanwhile glory-seeking, fearless (or reckless, some might say) Skelligers rushed into the bay to fight both the riders of the Hunt and the Imperial Fleet at the same time.
Despite all these complications, in the end the allies defeated the Wild Hunt and Geralt slew its king with his own hands. It was too early to rejoice, however - right before his death Eredin revealed that Avallac'h had betrayed the witcher and had his own nefarious plans for Ciri. Geralt did not know whether to trust his enemy's words - but circumstances did not allow for long and careful deliberation.


  • Join Avallac'h and the sorceresses on Undvik.
  • Talk to Avallac'h when you're ready to fight.
  • Defeat Caranthir.
  • Kill Caranthir.
  • Swim to the surface.
  • Board the Naglfar.
  • Kill Eredin.
  • Follow Eredin into the portal.
  • Find Avallac'h.


  • The quest Reason of State must be completed before speaking with Avallac'h, otherwise it'll fail.
  • The Marlin Coast settlement is now a hive of activity with the soldiers encamped there. As a result, a few changes have occurred: one of the buildings is now fully stocked with alchemy supplies and some weapons while another has been converted into a barracks, a quartermaster is now available for crafting weapons or buying and selling goods, and the immediate region has been cleared of randomly spawning monsters.
  • After the briefing, Ciri goes off for a walk. Before commencing the battle, if Geralt follows the path into the hills that starts next to where the Quartermaster is based, he can find her a little ways from the camp, practicing her magic by levitating rocks and where one can converse with her for a bit if they wish.
  • If Geralt is romancing Triss or Yennefer, one of them will come to visit Geralt in the tent after Avallac'h tells Geralt to meet him at the dock.
  • Speaking to Avallac'h at Marlin Coast and saying Geralt is ready to fight is a point of no return; manual saving is disabled until the epilogue.


  • There's a small chance for Caranthir to freeze up for the rest of the boss battle after the player character has been swapped from Ciri to Geralt. This glitch seems to occur at random and can be undone by reloading your previous checkpoint.


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