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One on One: Vergen is a quest in Chapter II of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.


As in Flotsam, the main fistfighting venue in Vergen is at the back room of the local inn, The Cauldron. There, Geralt approaches the fight organizer, again named "Sheridan" and joins the queue to fight.

After besting all three of the local fighters, Geralt is approached by a young nobleman, Silgrat. If he chooses to fight Silgrat, a new quest, "A Score to Settle" is spawned.

Journal Entry

The Vergen dwarves liked simple pastimes, and first fighting matches were among them. At the time, there was a tournament offering monetary rewards going on at the inn and Geralt decided to win it. Young Zin would be his first opponent.
Young Zin fell to the ground so hard that it trembled. The spectators cheered the witcher, but another contender – Stel Placeholdern – was already warming up.
Geralt beat Placeholdern black and blue, having barely been scratched in return. The dwarves were amazed that a human could be so hale and tough. Only those who had already adventured at the witcher's side knew that Geralt would deal with Percy of Woodham too.
And the were right. Whenever Woodham might be, it can no longer boast of having birthed the reigning champion, because the victorious Geralt took his place. The witcher got his reward with a smile of self-satisfaction that made others want to hit him in the face for a long time.
Tw3 achievements friend in need unlocked
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