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Open Sesame: The Safecracker is a main quest in the Hearts of Stone expansion.


Recruiting Casimir[]

When you reach Casimir Bassi he will try to blow himself up because his wife was cheating on him. You will have a few options to pick from:

  • First one will just make him kill himself
  • Second one adds a couple further options to either sympathize, try to recruit him, or mock him. Sympathizing like the previous option will make him kill himself. As long as you go with either mocking or recruiting and don't try to tell him he'll find someone else, it'll lead to a fightfight here. Regardless if Geralt wins or loses, he can be recruited but if you decide you changed your mind and not recruit him, he'll go into his hut and blow himself up.
  • Third option, to straight up mock him, will lead into a fistfight as well with the same outcomes if you recruit him or choose not to like the 2nd option's dialogue tree
  • Fourth option is to just use Axii (requires Delusion Level 2 and gives 35 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level)

Note that he can't be told you'll think about it some more and try to recruit later. If you don't wish to tell him details of the heist, you either must tell him to recruit him or choose not to, in which case he'll remove that decision for you by blowing himself up afterwards.

Recruiting Quinto[]

If Casimir commits suicide, Quinto will be your only option left. However if you just prefer him then he is not far from the Herbalist's Hut, so it's a good idea to start with him before anything else. Quinto is in the hands of Hans of Cidaris if you did Contract: The Creature from Oxenfurt Forest then you already met him, he will ask you to pay 200 Oren3.png (earn 20 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level) for releasing him. However, if you demanded more money during the contract he will be less than happy to see you and demand 400 Oren3.png (earn 40 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level). You can haggle with him to lower the price, it works the same like with contracts only this time you will be trying for a lower price instead of higher. You can also insult him and then fight him to free Quinto or play Gwent, but if you lose in either the price is doubled further to 800 Oren3.png (earn 80 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level). Regardless how you do it once Quinto is freed he will be at your disposal. You can recruit him right away or tell him that you don't need him yet. If you tell him to wait he will tell you that you can meet him near the Oxenfurt gate at midnight, you can go recruit Casimir now instead. If however you recruit him right away the quest ends.

Journal Entry[]

Vaults are, as a rule, difficult to enter. Their metal-plated doors must either be teased open in silence by a skilled safecracker – or blown to smithereens by a demolitions expert. The unequalled master of the first method was Quinto, the best safecracker north of the Yaruga. The go-to specialist for the second was Casimir Bassi, a dwarf hailing from Mahakam.
If Geralt recruits Quinto:
Geralt decided on Quinto. Hans of Cidaris was holding the man captive, so Geralt first had to free him... though once he did, he had the impression the famed safecracker could have waltzed out of his prison at any time without his help. The ease with which Quinto opened his cell's lock boded well for his chances of cracking open the door to the Borsodis' vault.
If Geralt recruits Casimir:
Geralt chose to recruit Casimir to join his crew. Expecting to have to persuade the dwarf to abandon his idyllic family life, Geralt found himself instead convincing the dwarf to cling to any life at all. Abandoned by his wife, Casimir was set on exploding himself and his wrecked home in a spectacularly effective suicide – until he heard the witcher's offer.


  • Convince Casimir to take part in the robbery.
  • If you taunted Casimir into a fight:
    • Defeat Casimir.
  • Go to the mercenaries' camp and talk to Quinto.
  • If you tell Hans you'll be back:
    • Convince Hans to free Quinto.
  • If you taunt Hans into a fight:
    • Defeat Hans in a fistfight.
  • If you invite Hans to a game of Gwent and win,
    • Defeat Hans, no payment
  • If you postpone telling Quinto about the job:
    • Meet with Quinto at the Academy gate at midnight to recruit him.


  • The safecracker you choose will make a difference in who you have to fight at the end of Open Sesame! depending on who you side with. Regardless of your choice, Casimir will choose to remain loyal to Ewald, while Quinto accepts Horst's offer and betrays him.


  • The name "Quinto" is possibly a reference to a safecracker Henryk Kwinto from the Polish film "Vabank".