The Order of Witchers[1][2] was a 10th century's[3] attempt by kings and affiliated mages to create an order of magic-using knights who would help the Nordlings to get rid of enemies they had not been able to subjugate, enclose in reservations nor exterminate – the monsters.

The final outcome of the mutations disappointed most of the mages, who began to call the result "witchers", charlatans capable of nothing more than a mere witchery. Few renegades however,[1] including Alzur,[4] secretly aided the monarchs interested in continuing the experiment, and the final set of Trials and Mutations was established.

The Order didn't last long however – its members had abandoned most of the original "knightly" values over time and soon split into a handful of witcher schools, aimed at a more professional approach to eradicating monsters.


Unlike the modern witchers, members of the order wore helmets and more heavy sets of armor.[1]


  • The RPG borrowed the "traditional armor and helmet" from the depiction of Thornwald in The Hexer TV series. The novels lack information on the sets of armor worn by first witchers.



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