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Otrygg an Hindar of Clan Heymaey was the grandson of the ruling jarl of Hindarsfjall, Donar an Hindar. He was the youngest claimant to the crown of the Skellige Islands and the heir to Hindarsfjall. Him and his grandfather were planning (after the coronation) to plunder the Great Temple of the Eternal Fire because, although both of them are from amongst the most pious kin on the Isles, they do not understand how someone can believe in simple fire.

However, his plans were for naught as he perished during the attack by berserkers on Kaer Trolde.

Journal entry

Otrygg an Hindar, Jarl Donar's grandson and heir, was the youngest of the claimants to Skellige's throne. He dreamed of the heroic deeds and daring raids he would one day lead his subjects in accomplishing.
Otrygg never got to live out those dreams, however. During the tragic feast that came to be known as the "Bloody Banquet" he lost is [sic] life when a furious bear tore his flesh to small pieces.

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  • In the actual game he is using an entirely different face model than the one shown in the journal entry, for example, the beard is missing.


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