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Otto Bamber was a halfling herbalist who resided at his hut outside Oxenfurt and was taught by the famous druid, Gremist.

He sells the following alchemy recipes:


In 1272, Bamber accommodated Ewald Borsodi and his associates in a hidden cellar under his hut, while the group planned a heist on the Borsodi Brothers' Auction House. During this time, the alchemist was also accosted by Fallen Knights, though he was protected from them by Geralt of Rivia.

In the same year, Bamber's apprentice Folkert, whom Bamber sent to Deadwight Wood to collect han fiber, went missing. Bamber then posted a notice on the Brunwich notice board to appeal for someone to search for Folkert. Geralt of Rivia responded to this notice, and searched for the missing apprentice near the village of Erde.[1]

If Geralt spared the couple but told the truth to Otto: Bamber hired a group of mercenaries to kill the elderly couple who cannibalized Folkert, regardless of whether or not Folkert was already killed by wolves beforehand.


  • Otto Bamber plays gwent using the Scoia'tael deck. If beaten at gwent, he gives a random gwent card, assuming all cards which can be obtained from playing merchants have not yet been collected.
  • The quest Practicum in Advanced Alchemy may be started by speaking to this herbalist, and selecting the option "Know any master formulae?" Otto would then direct you to Gremist in Skellige.


  • Bamber/Bambrzy is a term used for Polish descendants of assimilated German immigrants that left the region of Bamberg to settle in the depopulated area around Poznań during the 1700s.


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