Pearls of the Coast is a treasure hunt quest in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Walkthrough Edit

Head to the hidden treasure marker located south of Eldberg Lighthouse, on the middle island in the small three island chain here.

The camp itself has a high number of pirates both at the camp and walking around on the roads, so be prepared to deal with a large number of them. After they're all dead, loot the pouch near the campfire for the unsent letter and read it to show the final destination: a location just east of the campsite.

Jump into the water here and dive down to loot the crate, which contains Inis, to complete the quest.

Journal entry Edit

During his journeys Geralt came across an unsent letter. He could not help but wonder what might be written in it.
Go round up a few pearl divers and bring them here. But good ones this time - those turds we brought in from Spikeroog drowned before they could be any use to us.
I don't know, maybe that ship really has sunk too deep for any man to pull anything out of it... but it's worth a try. From what the survivors said, it was carrying a mighty hefty load of silver.
The evidence all suggested the pearl divers never came... or else they revolted and killed their employers. We shall most likely never know the truth, yet it is clear they left a few valuable triflings on the sea floor. Geralt collected them and judged it worth the effort.

Objectives Edit

  • Read the unsent letter.
  • Search for treasure on the sea floor using your Witcher Senses.