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Penitent is a rare type of wraith who only haunts people who have done bad deeds. One is currently haunting the lighthouse keeper in Eldberg Lighthouse on Ard Skellig.

Bestiary Entry[]

I run back inside, hasp the doors, and then I hear it – someone whispering my name. Mikkjaaal, Mikkjaaal!
Mikkjal, Eldberg lighthouse keeper
It turned out the monster haunting the isle of Eldberg and its lighthouse was a rare type of specter known as a penitent. Wherever this wraith haunts immediately becomes enveloped in thick fog and darkness - and those that wander into it usually never return. In order to defeat a penitent, one must remain in constant motion in order to avoid being struck by this agile creature, which can disappear and reappear in the blink of an eye to attack from behind. Most importantly of all, however, one must discover what keeps they monster bound to its haunting grounds - and break that bond as soon as possible.
With the lighthouse keeper's help, Geralt drove the mist from the isle - then dispatched the penitent from our world for good. Now ships were once again able to sail to Arinbjorn's port, and the witcher's coin pouch grew a little fuller.

Associated Quest[]