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Shit and cabbage always go hand in hand, one drives the other. It's perpetuum mobile.
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- Percival Schuttenbach's pearls of wisdom, Baptism of Fire

Percival Schuttenbach was an excellent metallurgist, technician, and jeweler from Mahakam. Before opening a flourishing jewelry workshop in Novigrad, Percival spent time with Zoltan Chivay's company and was in fact its only non-dwarven member.


On the top of Montsalvat, Percival found a large goblet carved from a single piece of milk opal with golden base and rim set in jasper, the goblet of legends. But as he had no need for such a cup at the time and needed to deliver a transport of diamonds and rubies, meant to be used for drill bits and files, he exchanged it for a mule.[1]

He met Barnabas Beckenbauer at one point in time and the two became friends.[2]

In Zoltan's company[]

Eventually, Percival joined Zoltan and his band of dwarves for adventures, becoming a good friend with them. In 1267, he and the rest of Zoltan's party first met Geralt of Rivia and the witcher's own group, who were making their way toward the Yaruga river from Brokilon, but Zoltan advised them to join him and his men and head eastward. After both parties became more familiar with each other, Percival befriended Dandelion due to their mutual appreciation for music and cards. However, as the gnome often cheated during the latter, his dwarven friends repeatedly scolded him or gave him a hit with a wooden stick.[1]

Successful jeweler[]

Schuttenbach Jewelers advertisement in Vizima

During the Battle of Brenna, Percival avoided conscription by invoking the ancient rules of gnomish religion, despite it being widely known that he would sell the entire pantheon for a pickled herring and not bat an eye. Following the Northern War II, he opened a jewelry store in Novigrad, where he used the parrot Field Marshal Duda that he'd bought from Zoltan earlier as a living advertisement, teaching him to shout "Brrrilliants, brrilliants". Soon enough, he had a galore of customers and full cashbox.[3]

With business booming, Schuttenbach opened a branch in Vizima, with the tagline "Where every ring is that special ring".[4] Unfortunately for the gnome, a racist incident happened to him in 1271 which convinced him to pack up and leave Novigrad and move his main shop to Mount Carbon, Mahakam's capital.[5]

Appearance and personality[]

While not as strong as his dwarven mates, he was much more agile and perceptive. It made him an ideal scout who could also smell food from a far greater distance than others, thanks to the typical gnomish nose.[1]