"Legend has it that perfume was created by an alchemist for his wife. The woman accused the scholar of devoting too much time and energy to his work without generating any practical results. He responded by creating a formula for producing perfume from almost any ingredient."

Perfume has a beautiful aroma and is a gift which almost any discerning lady will appreciate; it can often serve as a welcome replacement for other gifts. It also makes you very intoxicated.


  • During the quest Flowers and Gold, if you talk to Gramps, he tells you that if you "grind beggartick blossoms with beast fangs and alcohol, you'll get perfume." but only if you have not yet started the A Pilgrimage quest.
  • One of the brickmakers praying in Vaska's hut (around 1700 hours) will test you with a payment of 100 orens for helping rescue the child during the quest A Lost Lamb. Declining the payment will instead give you the Perfume Formula. If the brickmakers only give you short responses, just exit hut and re-enter and try again. This is activated after you speak to the druid and report back to Vaska (A Promise).
  • Ars Amandi, a book which can be found in the Trade Quarter in Act III.
  • The formula for perfume can be gained from a grateful brickmaker in the Swamp after the quest A Lost Lamb.
  • Side Effects premium module: Perfume Formula


  • Perfume can also be sold. The Alchemist in the Marketplace in the Trade Quarter and Kalkstein both buy it.
  • A "Peasant woman" in Murky Waters will sometimes ask Geralt to make her Perfume. She'll offer to pay 50 orens. Geralt can refuse and get a rude comment about witchers, accept and take the payment (which is actually 100 orens, not 50,) or he can give her perfume and refuse payment. If he does not take payment, she'll say thanks and ask for perfume again on later visits to the area. Giving her seven vials of perfume throughout the course of the act does not seem to get Geralt anything in return besides her thanks..
  • If drank Geralt will comment on how bad it tastes, but also gives his breath a nice smell.
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