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The Nordlings' hatred for us will never wane.
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- Peter, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game
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Peter Saar Gwynleve was the captain of the Nilfgaardian Garrison located in White Orchard.

By all appearances he seemed a rather fair and kind person to the people of White Orchard, especially by the standards of most conquering Nilfgaardians.


After the Nilfgaardian victory at the Battle of White Orchard in Temeria during the Third Northern War, he and his company occupied a ruined fort northwest of White Orchard which became their military post. He was assigned to govern the village and consequently became its head authority. He enforced fair rules such as requiring all able bodied men to help clear corpses from the recent battle.

Geralt went to meet him to seek information about Yennefer in the May of 1272. Captain Gwynleve agreed to provide the information he sought, but only if Geralt would take care of a griffin that had been causing problems in the area.

After the griffin was slain, Captain Gwynleve told Geralt to search in nearby Vizima for Yennefer, and offered him coin for the contract.

Later, he travelled to Royal Palace in Vizima for matters of war.

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