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Physiologus: deovel entry

The Physiologus is an ancient tome handed down from one village wise woman to the next. It contains descriptions and illustrations of all the monsters known at the time it was written, and how to deal with them, despite often not being comprehensive or accurate, due to the disreputable source.[1]

Around the 1240s, Geralt of Rivia obtained a copy as part of the reward he received for "dealing" with the deovel that was bothering the village of Lower Posada.[1]

Giancardi Molnar also had a copy of the Physiologus in his bank in Gors Velen. In July 1267, he lent it to Ciri to read; to keep her busy as he discussed important matters with Yennefer.[2]

Known Entries[]

The Witcher[]

A legendary bestiary containing information on many monsters. This book is quite obviously a reference to the "ancient Book" that appears in the short story "The Edge of the World", the entry for the Witchman being almost a direct quote.


This famous work contains vast information on different kinds of monsters.

Journal Entries[]





  • In Chapter III, the Royal huntsman describes a family heirloom book that lists all monsters as the source of his knowledge. While he does not mention the title, the conversation seems to refer to a copy of this book. Talking to the Royal Huntsman with this book in inventory does not appear to make a difference, however.
  • When raining or early in the day you may have trouble finding the townsman that hands out the book, search the roads leading to the square.
  • It may seem like the townsman simply gives this book to Geralt saying it will clear his debts with Leuvaarden, but no further explanation is given. Prior to the Enhanced Edition, if you checked your finances after that "gift", you would see that it had in fact cost you 1000 Items Oren.png. With the Enhanced Edition, this unexpected cost has been eliminated.
  • After the bank robbery, sleep until 14 PM. Then search for NPC around John Natalis Square in the Trade Quarter. Search the roads leading to the square.