There are two Pirate's notes in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Pirate's notes at Coast of Wrecks Edit

Journal entry Edit

Yesterday we found a silver basin and a ruby brooch on the bottom. Means Queen Zuleyka's treasure really is somewhere around here. Maybe in the hold of one of the wrecked ships off the west coast – but we can't check them at the moment, waves are too high. We'll hve to wait till the seas calm. We're pitching camp.

Associated quest Edit

Pirate's notes at Abandoned Site (boatyard) Edit

This one can be found at the abandoned site south of Refugees' Camp. It must be retrieved before clearing the area of bandits to be able to read it - just like the Unsent letter from a pirate located at the exact same abandoned site.

Journal entry Edit

What a beaute of a ship we're gonna have! She's going to be as yar as they come. True, that masthead the shipwright carved looks more like a sea cow than a buxom siren, but that's a minor detail.
Question is, will the lads be eager to set back out to sea? Some have made a nice little home in a hut nearby. I half expect to turn around and see them planting turnips and milking goats. Each according to his own, I guess - but it's a pirate's life for me.
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