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Pontaria was once a part of the Kingdom of Emblonia, though it is now under the rule of Temeria. It is located next to the coast of two rivers, the Embla to the south and the Pontar to the north, including the second half of the now divided kingdom, Riverside. This fertile valley was seized by one of Temerian rulers the end of the 12th century.

National Emblems Edit

The coat of arms in the infobox has been created by Wiki editors and is based on the emblem representing Pontaria on Foltest's personal arms in CD Projekt's The Witcher franchise.

Notes Edit

  • In the previous novels written by Sapkowski, King Foltest was titled as King of Temeria, Pontar, and Mahakam. In Season of Storms, his title has been changed to King of Temeria, Pontaria, and Mahakam. It is however possible (as Season of Storms is a prequel to each story in which Foltest appears) that he changed his title after the events of the prequel novel.
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