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Limited to only one region of the Continent, scholars consider them critically endangered. Gods be praised...
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- Gwent description

Protofleder is a unique form of vampire that only exists in the unusual caves of Hen Gàidh, where the gate between the vampire's world opened then closed. They emit a red glow from their bodies that dies out when killed.

Bestiary entry

Never seen a vampire like that in my life.
– Geralt of Rivia, witcher
Protofleders are relatives of fleders which came from the world of the higher vampires to our own during the Conjunction of the Spheres.
The members of this species are characterized by their considerable strength and agility as well as the strange glow they emit, a trait most likely tied to their otherworldly nature. Protofleders have never had significant contact with the outside world, having spent their entire time on our planet in the Unseen Elder's cave, whose atmosphere is very similar to that of their home world.

Associated quest

Combat tactics

  • Indifferent to traditional Fleder