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The psilocybe is a mushroom which druids employ in their rituals, it is not at all useful in the alchemy witchers practice. The Herbalism skill is not required to gather psilocybes.

The hierophant asks Geralt to get a psilocybe mushroom so he can lure the remaining Salamandra into an ambush. Apparently this would make fisstech even more powerful than it is, so it makes for a very good bait for the planned surprise attack. This must be the distilled ingredient.

This item is found in the cave in the Swamp. It is also described in a journal entry. The mushroom itself — Quest Items Psilocybe mushroom — is a "concrete" game item.

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The Skellige Islanders refer to this mushroom as "Mardroeme". It is used to induce hallucinations and is part of the formula deployed to transform the berserkers.[1]

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  • Psilocybe is named from the genus Psilocybe, most notably the species Psilocybe Cubensis. Which is the most abundant hallucinogenic mushroom, though there are over 200 species of mushrooms containing the hallucinogenic compounds Psilocybin and Psilocyn[2]

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  1. Conversation with Hjort during quest King's Gambit.
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