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Or an elf, or even half-elf. You even consider quarter-elves inferior—
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- Elf present at Bleobheris to human attendees, Blood of Elves

Quarter-elf, or the rarely used term quadroon, are terms used on the Continent to refer to one who has a quarter elven blood, being born of one human and one half-elf or two quarter-elves.[3] Only those pickiest about race consider them nonhuman.[4]

In spite of wars, humans and elves formed mixed relations together for centuries, only for humans to condemn them in the 1230s. This resulted in wider persecution[3] and made quarter-elves targets of the same racial slurs as others of Aen Seidhe origin.[5]

Notable Quarter-elves[]

For a complete list of known quarter-elves, see Category:Quarter-elves.


  • In Polish, aside from "ćwierćelf" (literally "quarter-elf"), Sapkowski sometimes uses the word "kwarteron", which translates as "quadroon", a word lifted from actual history, part of a hypodescent vocabulary developed to distinguish levels of either African or Australian Aboriginal ancestry, which is now considered offensive. However, likely because of the real-world connotations, the word was left out of the English translation of the books by David French. The term "quadroon" was also sometimes used in the English products from CD PROJEKT RED's The Witcher franchise.


  1. Adela was confirmed by the mages to be Falka's daughter, but this information was never brought to public.