The Great Erasmus Vegelbud Memorial Derby is one of many sidequests available in Novigrad (precisely Vegelbud Estate) in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry Edit

The Vegelbud family's out-of-town estate was famed not only for its lovely guardians and sumptuous banquets, but also for the series of horse races organized there in honor of one of the line's illustrious ancestors, Erasmus. Geralt, who had spent a great many years in the saddle, decided to test his mettle in this derby - lured, perhaps, by the sizable reward promised to the victor.
The Vegelbud races segued into an unexpected encore. Cleaver, one of the Novigrad crime lords, was so impressed by the witcher's riding prowess that he offered him the chance to take part in the equally famed (though illegal) race organized by the local underworld.
Though the nighttime race was rife with obstacles, Geralt managed to win it as well. Sadly, he was not given long to celebrate his triumph, for the city guard, alarmed by the ruckus of galloping horses at an hour when decent people should be asleep, broke up the event and scattered its participants.

Objectives Edit

  • Talk to the master of ceremonies to begin the race.
  • Beat the first rider.
  • Beat the second rider.
  • Beat Luc Vegelbud.
  • Read the letter you received.
  • Talk to Cleaver about the letter.
  • Be the first past the finish line.

Notes Edit

  • Make a manual save before talking to Cleaver. If you fail the Palio race, you cannot race again and will miss out on the Fast and Furious Achievement (Win all the horse races in the game).
  • This quest is put on hold during a section of the quest Carnal Sins.
  • This quest is not available until after completing most of Get Junior.