Racists is a quest in Chapter I introducing a dwarf named Zoltan Chivay, an old friend of Geralt's.

Walkthrough Edit

As Geralt makes his way through the Outskirts, he comes upon a dwarf who is surrounded by thugs intent on shaving off his beard in the fishing village. They are taunting him with the likes of "Hands off human women, dwarf!" and "Send him to a reservation!". Geralt's sense of justice is tested and he must decide whether or not to help the beleaguered dwarf.

After dispatching the racists, Geralt is surprised to learn that the dwarf, Zoltan Chivay, knows him already.

Notes Edit

  • Whether or not Geralt helps Zoltan kill the Racists, there do not seem to be any hard feelings, just lost XP.

Phases Edit

The Fight Edit

I couldn't stand by and watch those racists torment the dwarf. I decided to intervene between the racists and the dwarf.

Help Edit

I helped Zoltan fight the racists. I should talk to the dwarf. I helped Zoltan fight the racists. (2000 XP)

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