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Hatun Radeyah was the crown sorceress to Malliq Nibras of Ofir.


Radeyah was acquainted with Yennefer of Vengerberg and at some point they fought each other aboard a ship at sea as Radeyah had stolen a rare magical artifact from Yennefer along with the mage she was sleeping with at the time.

Being a woman of great ambition, she desired to be the crown sorceress to the Malliq of Ofir, a post which at the time was held by the sorcerer Aamad. Fortunately for her, in 1273 Aamad was sent to the Northern Realms by the malliq to find the latter's missing son, Prince Sirvat. While Aamad did end up finding the son, he was too late as the cursed prince had just been slain by the witcher Geralt, who he tried to bring back to Ofir to be hold responsible but ultimately failed when the witcher managed to escape and killed the mage in the process.

At some point during the third Nothern War she went too the Northern Realms herself together with Ofieri mercenaries. While there she got into conflict with the Scoia'tael commando led by Vernossiel.[1]

With Aamad now out of the picture, Radeyah decided this was the time to claim the position and she found a perfect opportunity to get it. Zaira, the malliq's favorite concubine, was deadly ill and could not be cured, where even Aamad was not able to help her. Radeyah killed Zaira and summoned a quareen, a demon that could take her form and kept it obedient by having it wear bracelets with rune engravings. Unfortunately, the quareen grew stronger and stronger as it started killing people in the royal court.

Geralt's Arrival[]

Around the same time this was happening, Geralt arrived in Ofir together with Dandelion, having been brought there by a flying trunk which had belonged to Aamad and, after his death, found its way into Dandelion's possession. However, after they arrived they were captured by the guards and brought before the malliq, where Radeyah announced that they would be put to death as they were intruders. Upon hearing this, Dandelion explained the situation was a misunderstanding and introduced himself as Prince Dandelion of Narakort with his witcher bodyguard. Before he could say Geralt's name the witcher interjected that he was called Lambert.

Radeyah, knowing Geralt's true identity, played along with this deception as a witcher was just what she needed to rid her of the quareen. "Lambert" was ordered by the malliq to find and kill Geralt of Rivia, as punishment for the murder of his son, and that Dandelion would remain at court until the task was complete. When Radeyah and Geralt were alone she revealed she knew who he was.

She then informed Geralt about Zaira, but hid the truth of what she did, instead saying that when she had cured Zaira, a strange aura appeared around the concubine and murders started to happen at the palace. If Geralt would find out what was happening, she would help him and Dandelion escape the palace. Geralt agreed and she immediately brought him to Nemet, who took care of the corpses. As Geralt examined the last victim she told him there were three murders in total and all of them were concubines.

The next day she paralyzed Zaira when she was alone so that Geralt could examine her. During the examination his eye of nehaleni broke. He also noticed one of her bracelets was broken and asked if they were special, to which she lied and told him they were merely charms and that in Ofir everyone wears them. They then quickly left as someone approached.

Later that they she had to heal some injuries Geralt had sustained after he had a fight with Maraal but they were disturbed when the quareen killed its fourth victim, the concubine Dayo. Radeyah cast a spell on an approaching guard in order to make him leave. Dayo's last words made Geralt believe the monster that was killing was a djinn. The next day Maraal's body was found and she told the malliq the witcher didn't kill him and insinuated to him it was Erhan, the new crown assassin.

She then accompanied Geralt to some caves to search for sewant mushrooms that he needed for his fight with the djinn. After dealing with some monsters in the caves and getting the necessary ingredients, they then went to Aamad's workshop to prepare for the fight, where Radeyah informed Geralt she didn't use the workshop often as she had a house near Ochre Gables. Dandelion then entered the tower and told them Zaira was on her way to kill the malliq. As Geralt left to fight the quareen, Radeyah stopped Dandelion from going with him and gathered some guardsmen.


After Geralt's fight, she betrayed him, revealing his identity to the malliq, who sentenced the witcher to death for the murders of his son and Zaira. Geralt was first to be flayed and then drawn and quartered, but thanks to the intervention of Dandelion, his death sentence was changed to be chained and locked in a chest that'd then be thrown into the sea. Radeyah attended his execution and gave him a farewell kiss but, unbeknownst to her, the chest Geralt was locked in was the flying trunk, allowing Geralt to survive and escape. Radeyah, believing to have successfully rid herself of the witcher, began to tie up loose ends. She convinced the concubine Ameena to give Dandelion a sedative so he would appear dead so he could then be removed from the palace by Erhan, then used giant ravens to kill Nemet as he was the only one who knew where the bodies where buried, including the body of the real Zaira.

Believing herself to be safe, she let her guard down until one day her servant returned from the market and told her a white haired foreigner was asking where to find Fathaa around the market. Realizing Geralt had survived, she ran to the other room where he was already standing, having used the flying trunk to find her. After he revealed he knew the truth of what had happened, she attacked him, but Geralt managed to subdue and kiss her to distract her from the dimeritium cuffs he had placed on her. He then locked her in the trunk which he sent to Kovir, where Yennefer opened it.