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I have nothing against witchers. Let them hunt vampires. As long as they pay taxes.
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- pg. 165, Blood of Elves (U.K. Edition)

Radovid III of Redania, also known as "the Bold" or "the Red"[1] (for his hair color), was the great-grandson of Radovid I and the king of Redania. He married princess Viviana of Lyria. Viviana had one son, Vridank, presumably Radovid III's son.


Radovid III was an energetic and shrewd ruler and was determined to regain the prestige accorded his great-grandfather. He tried to assert Redanian sovereignty over the North by regaining the rich lands of the Buina and Nimnar that had been lost since the time of Vestibor, and established the northern border on the river Braa. However, this didn't sit well with the other Northern Kingdoms and he proceeded to start wars with many of his neighbors.

The dispute with Temeria for Pontar Delta finished with a compromise declaring the Free City of Novigrad. Redania's position was strengthened over the Middle Pontar, but this caused a perpetually disputed border with Aedirn. He also tried a bold war with Kovir, but to bad effect, and had a war with Kaedwen along their borders. All of this eventually led to the first treaty negotiations.

He and Benda of Kaedwen traveled to the winter capital of Kovir, Lan Exeter, to enter into negotiations with Gedovius. By virtue of the First Treaty of Lan Exeter, he was allowed to retain the title of King of Kovir and Poviss, but only until his death. He would eventually die at 49 years from meningitis caused by a tick bite.


  1. 1.0 1.1 In official translations his nickname is "Rufus," a name that means "red" or "red-haired"