Radowit II the Bold was a king of Kaedwen after the reign of Benda and before the rule of Henselt.


Radowit financed the two witcher schools active in his kingdom, Cat and Wolf, before or after the massacre of Kaer Morhen.

Persuaded by druids from Mayena and his court magician Astrogarus, he one day organized an ambush under the pretense of the Witcher Tournament which was supposed to compare the skills of witchers from rival schools. Astrogarus then promised the Cats monopoly on killing monsters within Kaedwen in exchange for attacking the Wolves during the tournament. However, just as the Cats were completing this task, Radowit ordered his soldiers to shoot all of the remaining witchers of both schools in the arena.[1]

While the event did not bring about the absolute end of either of the schools as was planned, it drove a wedge between them and contributed to an already bad reputation of the Cats.[2]


  • Though he was the ruler of Kaedwen, his name is very similar to the name "Radovid", used by Redanian kings. There is no certainty whether it was a purposeful choice (for example Benda naming his son in honor of his ally Radovid III) or just a mistake of the author.


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