Raging Wolf is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.


After defeating all the opponents in Fists of Fury: Toussaint, you're now allowed to challenge the Maestro. Go face him at Beauclair Port and learn the only way to fight is to first get drunk with him. Once you agree, you'll then fight each other in a traditional fistfight, though your screen will move a bit like when Geralt drinks a bit too much (though not double visions).

If you lose, you can keep challenging him until you do win.

Journal entry

Geralt defeated three lesser contenders in fistfighting bouts and thus earned the right to face off against the Maestro.
The witcher soundly defeated Toussaint's reigning champion.
As a reward, he was given a trophy he truly could be proud of.


  • Defeat the Maestro in a fistfight.


  • Possibly a homage to the boxer Jake LaMotta and his memoir (and the film it later inspired) "Raging Bull"
  • It is very likely the Maestro is a nod on Jackie Chan's 1978 hit film Drunken Master as his fighting capabilities strongly resemble the protagonist's portrayal of the infamous "Drunken fist".
  • The colors of the Maestro's wardrobe seem to be an obvious nod to the garments worn by Shaolin monks.
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