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Disambig-icon.png This article is about the character in Time of Contempt. For the assassin in The Witcher, see Professor (assassin).
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Ralf Blunden (d. 1267) was a known murderer nicknamed "the Professor" who regularly worked with Heimo Kantor and Little Yaxa.

His nickname was most likely ironic as he was known for using words and phrases that he did not seem to entirely comprehend and was complimented by his gold-framed glasses.[1]


Hunting Ciri[]

In June 1267, the trio were tracking Yennefer of Vengerberg and Ciri through Ellander, as the princess of Cintra was of great political interest, and so they had been hired to kill her. The tracking took them to the Temerian town of Anchor, where in the local inn, they attempted to get information about the women from the innkeep and the messenger Aplegatt. Little Yaxa noticed Geralt of Rivia outside the inn, who called them out for a fight, and so Blunden let them outside, resulting in the witcher killing the three assassins.[1]


  • Ralf was initially going to appear instead of The Professor in The Witcher and The Professor's model initially belonged to Ralf, but this was later changed when the team decided to make the game's events several years after the saga, thus having Ralf around no longer feasible as he was dead by then.[2]