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Ramon du Lac was a knight errant who once served as an advisor to Anna Henrietta's father, the duke. Ramon would later become the second victim killed by the Beast of Beauclair.


When he was younger he formed a group of knights, along with Count Crespi, Louis de la Croix, and Milton de Peyrac-Peyran. Sometime later they received a mission from the ruling Toussaint family to deport their eldest daughter, Sylvia Anna and who was said to be under the influence of the Curse of the Black Sun, beyond the boundaries of the duchy and leave here there. Ramon and his friends fulfilled the task and took her to the edges of Caed Dhu, but not before he and the rest abused the teen in each their own way, with Ramon denying her food and abusing her. Once at Caed Dhu, the group then left her there in a ragged dress, penniless, and in the cold, hoping that she would soon die.

Later on, he was known to have shady dealings with the criminal underworld to the point even Captain Damien de la Tour knew of it, but nobody could ever find concrete proof.

About 12 years later, Slyvia Anna, who swore she wouldn't forget what the group did, tricked Dettlaff van der Eretein in killing Ramon and the rest of the group. Ramon's body was found in a gutter in a seedy part of town, dressed in his nightshirt and cap with a pillow under his head and a bed warmer in place of a sword, to ridicule him for the chivalric virtue he dismissed: wisdom.

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