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Reardon Manor is the former home of the Reardon family but hasn't been occupied in some time, resulting in wraiths overrunning the estate.

Map description

Abandoned estate of the once prominent Reardon family, relatives to the royal La Louve dynasty.

Associated quests


  • If Geralt let Letho live in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, Letho will be using the place to hide from the Nilfgaardian hitmen and bounty hunters that are after him. There will also be no wraiths, as he took care of them, but traps will be set up around the estate.
  • If Geralt (or Letho) clears out the monsters here, Dolores can later be found in one of the huts and will tell Geralt she takes pleasure in trying to restore the manor.