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For our ataman, we'd march through 'ell and cross swords with any devil.
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- Wild One

Redanian Free Company also known as Wild Ones, owing to the boar[1] in their coat of arms, which was adopted from its leader's family symbol. They are an elite fighting unit consisting of experienced soldiers from aristocratic families, who were financed by Redania to support regular forces and the Royal Army during the Third Northern War.

They are fierce warriors fanatically devoted to their leader, but lack the discipline of the regular army. Their skills are as sharp as the blades of their sabers and definitely are not lagging in cavalry as well. As Olgierd himself said, in the bottom of their hearts they are common carousers and roughnecks good for a fight and drink, at least.



  • Redanian Free Company is probably a reference to Ukrainian Cossacks, who were also referred frequently to as the "Wild Ones" by nobles, and paid by Poland-Lithuania to fight in its armies, as well as their leader during war was called the ataman.
  • Their weapons and appearance confirm this. Olgierd's saber is the same shape as a "shablia" (Ukrainian: шабля), the weapon of the Cossacks. Also, Cossacks had a shaved head, apart of a purposefully long strand of hair, which can be observed in several of the Wild Ones. Also, Olgierd's robe is very similar to what atamans wore at the time.



  1. It seems to be the wordplay which was lost during the translation. In Polish, the group is called "Dzicy", which means the both "wild people"/"savages" and "boars".