Refugees' Camp is a location northwest of Midcopse. It consists of a circle of tents around a winged statue and is surrounded by forest on three sides, while to the west lies a clearing which leads to the Coast of Wrecks.

Initially, the camp is marked as an abandoned site as it is home to a horde of bandits. Geralt may kill the bandits to liberate the location and restore it to its original purpose. From then on, the camp will be home to refugees displaced by the war between the Northern Realms and Nilfgaard. A herbalist will also move in and become available for trade.

Map Description

The members of this small community have erected a large, winged statue - evidence of people turning to old gods and ancient cults in this time of war and famine.


  • The centerpiece statue bears great resemblance with the statue dedicated to Melusine in a cave on Spikeroog.
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