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Reginald, also known as the Courageous, was king of Rivia from at least 1249 until his death. He was also the king of Lyria by his marriage to Princess Meve, which gave birth to the united kingdom of Lyria and Rivia. He and Meve had two sons, Villem[3] and Anséis.[1]

Reginald died in 1259, leaving Meve as an interim successor.[1]


Reign in Rivia

Final moments

Personality and traits

Reginald was infamously stupid, a trait which was thought to be inherited by both his sons. Vizimir II of Redania who knew him personally, thought it was impossible to get even more stupid.[3] He did, however, recognize the wisdom in others and valued it greatly.[1]

While Reginald loved Meve and respected her as a co-ruler, he was a womanizer, having affairs with her maids-of-honor.[3]


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