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Here it is. Our pride and joy - Reginald d'Aubry. A giant among lovers, a poking, puncturing swordsman, and atop all that an unrivaled diddler of harps and other organs.
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- Rolande de Flakfizer, Blood and Wine expansion

Reginald d'Aubry was a skilled swordsman, seducer, and one of the first Toussaintois who became a national hero. Legend has it he even helped architect Faramond lay out the city plans for Beauclair and took a lot of time to devise escape routes for lovers and used them frequently himself.[1]

He also has a statue above Lolivier Square in the capital city's richest district, Hauteville. Curator of Art and Collectibles, Rolande de Flakfizer, cares for it.[1]

In 1275, the genitals of the statue were stolen by a man named Hughes de Saberre. Geralt could choose to help, and if he did he found out the man had stolen them to stroke them, which gave him more sexual appeal, and when the man went home had sex with two different women.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Even though his surname is similar, he is not related to Anzelm Aubry nor his sons.[2]

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