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"Do you really wish to know?" — Spoilers from the books and/or adaptations to follow!
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People call you a monster too. Why not kill them?
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- Renfri to Geralt, The End's Beginning

Renfri (b. 1213 - d. 1231) was a princess and the daughter of Fredefalk, the prince of Creyden, and the stepdaughter of Aridea. She swore vengeance on Stregobor after he attempted to have her assassinated.


Child of the Black Sun[]

Renfri crosses paths with a witcher, Geralt of Rivia, in a Blaviken tavern. She calls her guards off and buys him a drink. She questions what brings him to Blaviken and remarks that he's in need of new clothes.

Later, Renfri tracks Geralt down outside Blaviken and demands to know where to find Stregobor so that she may kill him for the injustices she suffered, claiming that Stregobor's man raped her and robbed her before letting her go. Stregobor had attempted to persuade Geralt into killing her, but he turned down the offer, just as he turns down Renfri's ultimatum to kill Stregobor lest she slaughter the entire town. After talking, Geralt manages to talk Renfri into realizing that she wouldn't truly become the monster he claims her to be so long as she does not kill him, and he advises Renfri to leave Blaviken and finally live her life.

Renfri follows Geralt back to his camp, where he recounts his first monster kill with Roach, his horse. That was the day he realized the world didn't need him and that he would only ever be seen as a monster in humanity's eyes. Renfri questions what Geralt believes in, as it is neither destiny nor the lesser evil, but Geralt simply kills monsters. There are no sides. Renfri then claims to have decided to leave Blaviken for good tomorrow. She kisses Geralt and they have sex.

Despite her claims of leaving Blaviken behind and ending her pursuit of Stregobor, Renfri returns to town intent on slaughtering her way through Blaviken until she finds him. Renfri takes Marilka hostage and holds a blade to her throat. Geralt warns Renfri to leave Blaviken, displaying magic as a means to threaten. However, Renfri claims magic has no effect on her, only silver, such as with monsters. Renfri then releases Marilka and attacks Geralt, cutting him several times before Geralt manages to disarm her, leaving her with only a dagger to combat him with. Geralt lowers his sword, presenting her with an opportunity to attack, however, he evades her attack and stabs her in the throat with her own dagger. As Renfri bleeds out in Geralt's arms, she reminds him of his destiny and that the "girl in the woods" will be with him always.[1]

Geralt mounted Renfri's cloak brooch onto the hilt of his Steel sword and carried it with him for years after, both as a keepsake of her and a reminder to himself not to become involved in conflicts between humans.[2]


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