Retribution is a level 3 Glyphword in the Hearts of Stone expansion that can be crafted by the Runewright.

Crafting Requirements Tw2 icon crafting.svg

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike most "punishment" effects, the effect will do the exact same damage regardless of how much damage Geralt receives when struck by an enemy. However, if he is under the effects of Quen, the effect will not work no matter how many times he is struck.
  • Also unlike other such effects, the damage is dependent on Geralt's armor rating (i.e. the higher it is the higher the damage will be). Also if Geralt's gear is damaged which reduces the armor rating, the damage of the effect will also be reduced.
    • The damage appears to be equal to around 66% of the armor rating.
  • The effect causes a bolt of lightning to emerge from Geralt and strike the enemy, which looks much like the bolts of lightning caused by Yrden's alternate mode Magic Trap.
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