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Various things and phenomena are studied here, Witcher. Various things are done here. Not always legal and not always moral. The end justifies the means. That slogan could hang over the gates to Rissberg.
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- Algernon Guincamp to Geralt, Season of Storms

Rissberg Castle is near Mount Cremora on the Cidarian/Temerian border. It's medium in size, embedded in a rock wall, has light-colored walls, four towers and some small, decorative turrets.

The castle was used as a center for mages not under the control of the Brotherhood of Sorcerers. 18 masters and more than 80 adepts and apprentices resided there, conducting a variety of experiments, from which various types of prototypes emerged, including combat units, elixirs, as well as magically mutated or genetically engineered creatures. Due to their inhumane experiments and dabbling in taboo areas, like goetia, the castle acted like a clandestine site for unethical mages.

There is also a small town under the castle where various magical wares are brought and then exchanged or sold every Wednesday.[1]

Notable People[]


  • When Geralt arrived at the castle, Ortolan greeted him joyfully, stating that while the witcher could not know it, he "returned here as a bird to its nest", heavily implying that the experiments that brought witchers to life started at Rissberg.