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Rivia is the capital of the Rivia dominion, which is in a personal union with the Kingdom of Lyria. Both countries were ruled by Queen Meve by 1267.

Rivia is the winter residence of the monarch and when he or she is in the Rivian castle white and blue flags can be seen. The city is located in the west of the country.

The following is considered game canon only and may contradict Andrzej Sapkowski's works.

During the Second Northern War, the castle, as the whole Rivia, was conquered by Nilfgaardian troops led by General Ardal aep Dahy. Queen Meve however, managed to retake the castle and the city in the Battle of Rivia Castle.

End of game canon content.

After the war, the financial situation was the cause of enriching the speculations and the spread of racism towards non-humans in this city, blamed for most of bad. Because of this and lot of other factors a terrible pogrom later takes place.

Notable People[]